If You Write A Note To Your

Pillow, Will It Write You Back?

Find out in DEAR PILLOW, a quirky bedtime buddy story about a sleepless boy, a tired pillow, and an exchange of letters that helps them both to finally get some rest!



A Fluff Story With Purpose

Charlie cannot fall asleep, again. And he is super bored. As a last resort he writes a note to his pillow seeking advice. To his surprise, Pillow writes him back. Who has time to be bored with Pillow on the case?!

DEAR PILLOW is a hilarious bedtime tale that uses humor as a tool to start a constructive dialogue about going to sleep. Rest assured, when children and parents can laugh together about a challenging subject, the communication that follows will be more positive and productive.



Thanks for stopping by to learn more about DEAR PILLOW, my debut picture book. The idea for DEAR PILLOW came about when my then four and six-year-old daughters were struggling to go to bed. In an effort to make bedtime more pleasant, I wrote them fictitious notes from their pillows. Crazy? Maybe. But it definitely helped to ease the bedtime routine, and we all slept happily ever after. Well, some nights anyhow : ). 

Other things you might want to know about me... I am a Writer/Marketing Consultant who has worked with numerous children's entertainment companies, most notably Jim Henson Productions. When I'm not writing, you can probably find me on my yoga mat. I live in New York City, (the city that never sleeps), with my two daughters, one husband, and 16 pillows. 


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